Welcome to Afieat to order a food and delivery service

Afieat is a service to order and delivery food to customers in the shortest possible time ..

And from the restaurants within your zone .

The registration site , by entering personal information (name ..number.. email.. address)

You can also change or modify all personal information , if you have shopini electronic site

for shopping account you can access the same account to Afieat .

Afieat provide fast delivery to the zone that you are in it , customer can order a food from a

nearby restaurant to his house.

Afieat provides Strictly confidential to customers and their complaints submitted by them

in service and we welcomes all Opinions and suggestion .

How do I request

The order from Afieat is very easy as browsing and search for any restaurant you like. . Then

order any kind of foods that you want .. and you can also choose varieties that you love

from your favorite food .. as the type, taste and flavor

* We support many payment options for all your needs. Start by following simple steps:

1 -Search and browse for your favorite food.

2-know your food, and add it to the basket of purchases.

-3Review your purchases basket, and login to order.

-4confirm your order.

5-follow your request until it is handed over to the address that you want


1_ Search and browse products

We have a great group of wonderful restaurants to choose from.

Tip 1: If you're looking for a particular food, use the search box located in the upper part of

the site. Simply enter what you want to look it up, you'll get amazing results!

Tip 2: If you want to browse a particular foods category, use the "Browse All Categories" list,

and move between your favorite categories and we will offer you the best food in all of


Tip 3: or just Browse through our home page and get ready for the surprises of the newest

and best products.

Tip 4: While browsing and search, check the basic information that we offer under each

food. You can also use different sorting options on the to determine the results that suit

your needs - and according to the characteristics of the food and price .. and click on the

food if you want to learn more, and added to purchases basket .

_2 Learn your food, and add it to the purchases basket

Check the food details, images, specifications and customers evaluation . We offer the best

sellers so click "Add to My purchases basket " If the price and valuation suits you, or

discovered more offers and status of different foods to suit all your needs, and you can view

the food prices that suit you from less to more expensive, and Afieat progress Restaurants

serve you and you are in your home through the use of thermal savers to save food.

3_ Review Your purchases basket, and login to order

Tip 1: View Your purchases basket and select the method of payment that you want, and

then made the order and then continued the process of order. Just make sure that all the

foods that you want to order now exist in the purchases basket, and those that wish to

order at a later date, if any, it moved to favorite list " Saved orders for later" list .. and you

can also order several types of foods on condition that they are from the same restaurant.

Tip 2: If you are only current user login to your account.

Tip 3: If you do not have an account yet you can easily do so by entering your personal

information, which includes (full name, phone number, e-mail, address)

4 confirm your order

Tip 1: Choose your preferred payment method of payment options to offer you comfortable,

including payment via:

Credit cards, pre-payment cards shopini and Afieat, or cash on delivery , and click on the

"Follow" button.

Tip 2: Provide details of your address, where you want to deliver your order, and click on the

"Save" button.

Tip 3: Review to the selected address and the delivery period. Click on the "Submit" button.

Tip 4: Review the order process of buying and click proceed for payment.

Tip 5: Then the order confirmation.

5_continued your order until its delivered to your address

Wondering what happened to your request? Do not worry, with Afieat service you will have

verify the arrival of the shipment process option, so you can always follow your request.

Afieat service works to deliver your food to your door as soon as possible.

Be willing to become addicted to food over the Internet, be sure to visit us again to get a

wonderful requests.

payment methods

Afieat offering customers multiple payment and safe ways which are three ways

_1 Credit cards.

2_ shopini prepaid cards and Afieat, which is on several categories ($ 25, $ 50, $ 100, $ 200,

$ 500)

3_ pay cash on delivery and this property will be blocked in the event of any order illusory by

the client.

* No return policy or replace food

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