Refund Policy

How do I return my order?

♦ The order of return of the order is done by a representative of the afieat  that receives the order but the products that you want to return must be preserved

Note: Returns only be when the product is damaged or not matched

What period can I return the order or replace it?

The period of return or replacement of your request will be within 24 hours of receipt of the order​​​​​​​


What do I do if I want to replace the order and it was not available or sold completely?

If the product you want to replace is not available, you can return or keep the product

The value of the product will be kept in your wallet if a product returns

Will I refund the delivery charges when I return the order?

Delivery charges can not be refunde


What products can be returned?

Only damaged products can be returned or not matched

Why can not I return some products?

If not reported within 24 hours

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